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What started as an experimental hobby for a couple of expat Kiwi chefs has become a new experience in dining out.
We find under-utilised spaces in Auckland, take them over and, for one night only, open our own restaurant with a focus on changing the way people think about food, the experience of dining out and what a community is.

Our meals often have a specific focus or theme, be it  a nose-to-tail menu to highlight the need and ability to make use of all aspects of an animal, or a 5 course fundraising dinner for 50 people (spending only $2.17 per person!) to help combat global poverty.  We have looked at under-appreciated fish and cooked vegan food that carnivores love. We love playing around with modern Asian food, and our time in Spain has encouraged us to bring some authenticity to tapas.

Our multi-course dinners are served at large communal tables, breaking the mould of individual dining and reflecting our belief that  communities and friendships are formed over food.  Our diners are encouraged to share the POPdining experience with others they may never have met, and we further encourage interaction by serving each course on large shared plates, meaning you have to actually pass the peas.

We call it the public dinner party, and like all dinner parties it fosters conversation, laughter, debate and new friends. It also means the night is about the whole experience, its more than just the food, its much more than just the service, its about being part of something bigger. Is about becoming part of a community and sharing experiences.

With that in mind, we have collected other like-minded chefs, musicians, artists, producers and generally creative people who want to get involved. People who have an idea and want to give it a shot.. We love collaboration, new ideas and different points of view. Thats the joy of dinner parties.. you never know who you are going to meet.

Find an event. Come along. Eat well. Make new friends. Learn something different. Be part of the community.